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    The Predator
    Ouvir álbum completo The Predator Ano de lançamento: 2003
    1. The First Day Of School
    2. When Will They Shoot?
    3. I'm Scared
    4. Wicked
    5. Now I Gotta Wet'cha
    6. The Predator
    7. It Was A Good Day
    8. We Had To Tear This Up
    9. **** 'Em
    10. Dirty Mack
    11. Don't Trust 'Em
    12. Gangsta's Fairy Tale 2
    13. Check Yo Self
    14. Who Got The Camera
    15. Integration
    16. Say Hi To The Bad Guy
    17. Check Yo Self (Remix)
    18. It Was A Good Day (Remix)
    19. 24 With A L
    20. U Ain't Gonna Take My Life

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    "I'm speaking as a Black man from America
    which is a racist society
    No matter how much you hear it talk about democracy
    It's as racist as South Africa or as racist as Portugal
    Or as racist as any other racialist society on this
    on this earth
    The only difference between it
    and South-Africa: South-Africa
    Preaches separation and practices separation
    America preaches integration
    and practices segregation!
    This is the Only difference
    They don't practice what they Preach!
    For in South-Africa preaches and practices
    the Same thing
    I have more respect for a man
    who let me know where he stands
    Even if he's wrong
    Then one who comes up like an angel
    and is nothing but a devil. "

    "I, uhm... I don't agree with him
    because I don't have to follow anyone to defend myself
    I think that, uhm... there are, every people, uhm
    All people have been
    frustrated in some form from another
    But, uhm
    I don't agree with him, I don't follow a man
    and I don't think anyone should follow one man
    I think they should follow their conscience!
    I think the most of them, most negroes
    that they feel sorry for themselves
    And I think that this keep some that, uhm
    Much more than they would be
    If they didn't feel so sorry for themselves. "

    "If Martin Luther King, Roy Wilkins or any of these uuh
    Compromising negroes
    who say exactly what the white man wants to hear
    Is interviewed anywhere in the country
    you don't get anybody to offset what they say
    But whenever a black man
    Stands up and says something that
    White people don't like then the first thing
    that white man does
    Is run around and try and find somebody
    to say something
    To, to uuhm... offset
    What has just been said!
    This is Natural!
    But it is done. "

    "You know what I think?
    I just think... I think you, you... you givin' up!
    (givin' up on what?)
    An ideal of an integrated America
    the dream of Martin Luther King, I think you givin' up
    This is not, I'm not tryna be a "Smarterica"
    I'm calling you honestly
    That I think you givin' up! "
    [Minister Louis Farrakhan, on the Donahue Show 1991:]
    "You know, it's interesting... how... white folk... sit here
    Thinking that... I have a reason... to lie to you
    As though you are so powerful
    And you are so wonderful
    And I am so ashamed of my words
    that I have to twist and turn, please!
    You are not dealing... with that kind of man
    You're dealing with a man... who means what he says
    And says what he means, now listen! " [beat stops]

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