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    The Predator
    Ouvir álbum completo The Predator Ano de lançamento: 2003
    1. The First Day Of School
    2. When Will They Shoot?
    3. I'm Scared
    4. Wicked
    5. Now I Gotta Wet'cha
    6. The Predator
    7. It Was A Good Day
    8. We Had To Tear This Up
    9. **** 'Em
    10. Dirty Mack
    11. Don't Trust 'Em
    12. Gangsta's Fairy Tale 2
    13. Check Yo Self
    14. Who Got The Camera
    15. Integration
    16. Say Hi To The Bad Guy
    17. Check Yo Self (Remix)
    18. It Was A Good Day (Remix)
    19. 24 With A L
    20. U Ain't Gonna Take My Life

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    There's a new girl on my street
    And I might introduce her to mack me
    Told my homeboy I was scoping hoping
    To crack them legs wide open
    Ready to break that banging ass
    Get it with the shad
    Take a bath in her mouth yeah
    Better keep the trojan
    And if the sex was good still be the whole frame
    Fucked around and told my plan to the man
    Sitting next to the god damn men
    How was I to know son
    That the nigg' blow with one and told the 4-1-1
    With a big fat grand
    Talking 'bout all the whores that I ran up in
    Broke a nigga plan like dishes
    Cuz now the bitch is getting suspicious
    She know I fuck whores outa habit
    Who framed Cube, mothafuck Roger Rabbit!
    Cuz I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back
    By a black ass dirty mack...

    CHORUS :

    And if you didn't know it's like that
    I got a big fat gat for the dirty mack
    Yeah nigga didn't you know it was like that
    I got a big fat gat for the dirty mack...

    There goes the bill-board pull it
    And see up I'm still #1 with the bullet
    what the fuck do I sing?
    It looks like the Predator
    it's gettin dissed by the editor
    Looked up and hell of white for caper
    It's to lynch a nigga on paper
    But I'm much too black for the god damn cracker
    Huh! Dirty Macker
    Even the Guardian Angel got mental
    But never seen their ass walking past South Central
    Little super hair oh don't lemme catcha
    I fuck around and wetcha
    Try to dirty mack me out
    Try to take food out my kids mouth
    You're looking at my people are stronger than your evil
    All you ask where they got the hip hop
    At the dope the 187 taxi on your toe
    So act like you know
    That nigga that's known to jack
    Devils in little red hats
    Motherfuckin dirty macks!


    Don't come to an O.G., with that 'he said she said'
    Bitch, hit the freeway, dirty mack's get tossed
    Cuz I fuck around, and jump your ass like Kris Kross
    Just might blast, snake in the grass
    Gotta shake up the ass
    Found at a trunk of funk
    Tall and stiff as a philly blunt
    What more do you want you unfucked up the plot
    And deserve just what you got
    Cuz I'm hotter than tabasco
    You little ass hole
    Mow I gotta do you like grass chow
    PKO now you see they flow on cannabis
    Cause you scandalous
    Don't know who the man is
    Ice Cube a jack
    The white ass Dirt Mack


    And if you didn't know it's like that
    I got a big fat gat for the dirty mack
    Yo Savage didn't you know it was like that
    I got a big fat gat for the dirty mack
    I suppose you don't know it's like that

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