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The Ghost Of Xaivor Holmes

Icarus Witch

As he sailed into the shadows of darkness
He prayed to once again see the light of day
{July, 1807}

In the vessel's log a dying man had written;
"I've lost my captain & crew to a darkened watery grave...

I'm so alone, trying to stay alive"

Xavior Holmes, fighting to survive
Heading out into the uncharted regions of the sea

"I'm so alone, eternally sailing into the night"

Xavior Holmes, now realizing that he had died
Never to find his resting place near the Inn By The Sea

Among the crew, brave mariners and friends
With the passengers, the captain's wife, and a bride to be
Why is he the only one left, drifting forever on?
It seems like it's been midnight since the time of the storm
...since that storm

In the vessel's log the long dead man had written;
"What should have been a routine trip has cost the lives of sixteen"

Just off the coast of Richmond's Island the craft tipped on to one side

Xavior Holmes, never made it to Portland that night
Yet the Schooner Charles still sails on and out of sight...

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