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Awaken The Mountain Giants

Icarus Witch

Alone outside his village, a young man hunts with crafted bow
His tribe would surely banish him, if they ever were to know
The elders had taught him, even in times of peril
Never raise arms against any of nature's creatures

Or you could wake the giants, the Mountain Giants

One the other side of the valley, a rival clan prepares for war
The counsel and their tall tales would be no match for the mighty sword
In the hands of savages
How could they protect their homes?

An old man spoke, "Nature will awaken the giants as she did in the days of old"

The archers and warriors drew closer with every breath
The people of the village were sure to meet their deaths
Then rocks and earth did tremble, and with a shield splitting sound
The mountains rose to the air trampling the armies to the ground

They had awakened the giants, the Mountain Giants

The hills have all been resting for generations gone by
Now the old man tells stories about hunting as a child

And how he saw the giants, the Mountain Giants, oh yes the giants...

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