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Red Solution

I Against I

The tears insist to pour down her face
She holds it until she gets home
Locks the door
Crumbles to the floor

Weeping, thinking
About the wrong things
That are in her mind

Everything was wrong in her life
Everything was broken in her heart
Everything became cold and sad
Everything now is pain and fear

So she stopped her crying and decided
To give end to that pain
And she cries
'Cause she doesn't understand
That it can pass

And she dried her tears
Gave a smile
Began to wake up
Slowly and tired
In this moment reminds
All the bad things

So she starts to search
The redemption's key
And she opens the box of memories
She perceives, can't deny feelings and fears

A hurricane of thoughts
Is in her mind again

Running against the time
She needs to decide:
To live even more with the sensation
Of being alone and invisible
Or over with the agony that devastates her chest
And makes her cry

A hurricane of thoughts
Is in her mind again

Finally, tired of the weight of her tears
She looks for the last time
To the things that are still precious
Prepares her place of death
The warm water touches her pale skin

The shine of the blade…
Everything is blood…

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