It's Alright

Hound Dog Taylor

Yes I love ya, I love ya
Woman I'm telling what I'll do
I don't love nobody I'm telling ya
In the whole round world but you
Alright, alright, it's alright

Yes let me tell ya, let me tell ya
Honey, just before you go
If you don't love me, won't you tell me
Baby I swear I don't wanna go
Alright, alright, it's alright

Lord wake up any morning
Then find your little woman gone
It can hurt you so bad by she leaving
Boy you just hate to be alone
Alright, alright, it's alright

Yes, I'm leaving, I'm leaving
Boy this time I'm really gone
There's no use in me hanging around here baby
And you steady doing me wrong
Alright, alright, it's alright

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