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My Prescription


This is all it takes to inspire. Light it up, the fire. Let it burn inside of the brain. When I fall, I can take that fire and become the prior as the flames melt off the pain. So tonight we’ll cut up the tile and do it in style. Close to me, we’ll smoke ourselves to sleep. These songs, my friend are my prescription. This is the way I deal with everything. It’s more than this to me. If you hold it against me, I will hold it against you. If this is your night I can help you sleep. So go on. Before you run and hide, I’ve taken it in stride. I’ve burned you something new. You can take this with you. You can keep that with you so you can hear those songs while you’re alone. You’ll say that “this is the way I deal with you so deal with it.” The record in the player was Caution. So don’t stop. This next one could make my blood curd. Lie awake. Let it break through the skin and then slip into the bloodstream. This is my song.

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