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Whispers Of The Soul

Holy Death

Moonlight creeps on the trees
Avalanche of feelings fall on me
Embraced in blackness I wait
To pass the gates of hell
To die and to raise from the dead
Awoke from the dream of life
Beside of His throne
I desire to stand with pride

Be my guard
Lead me to the gate
Lead me through the life
When heart of darkness bits
When silence reigns supreme
Lead me as Your son
To the land where sun is dead
To the land where night forever lasts

Words drift through the space
Words of admiration
Longing to be heard
Words of adoration
Flow to reach the gates
Flow to touch the throne

Be my guard
Unveil the mystery of Your divinity
Reveal me the dark secrets
Which leads to eternity

Poetry of Evil
Stream of dark thoughts
Which fondly caress the silence
Song without words
Whispers of the soul
Which worship Lucifer Lord

Compositor: Mercurius

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