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Thunder Of Revenge

Holy Death

Steel as a thunder
Crushes enemies heads
Angels burn,
Fall dead from the sky

Neverending procession
Of murdered in the name of the cross
Fights by the side of the fallen angel
Avenge their harm

Pain for pain
Death for death
Massacre of false prophets
The time of revenge has come

Rivers flow with blood
The beginning of the end
Demons speak my name
I am one of them
Bound by the law of blood

Thunders be our swords
No escape from our revenge
No cross will protect you
No church will be your shelter

The liar�s armor is broken
Under the hard steel of truth
Iron fist
Crushes the bone of the infidel

Hypocritical souls burn
In the fire of the returning order
Old Gods came back from hell
Bringing Lucifer to the highest throne

Compositor: Mercurius

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