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Power From Hell (glory Of Lucifer)

Holy Death

Born of fire
Dressed in wind
Bringing pure light
Free, over the stars
He is every breath of me
Divine inspiration, meaning of life
His glare heralds wisdom
I am ready to receive him
My soul thirsts for his power

He lightens the dark of my life
Makes me not to fear death
He is the beginning and the end,
My guardian spirit
When I am called
I won�t hesitate to
Sacrifice my existence
Set the spirit free
To gladly pay homage

He is my father, brother, friend
Hail the might of magic
I serve hell through black arts
Strength of my spells
Knows no boundaries

The open gates of hell
To enlight me with
The power of Lucifer
My soul belongs to him

Sacrifice, blood and victims
Power from hell
Glory out of darkness
Power from hell
Light from the darkness

Compositor: Mercurius

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