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Fallen Angel

Holy Death

Dark day shook the foundations of Earth
Bloody shade covered the tormented souls
Blood entwined all the crossed blades
Where black angel crushed his foes

The cold wind assails dead wings
The moon turned grey in the shade of battle
Burned forests of tales long forgotten
Remain ? a statue of heaven's defeat

Eternal struggle of good and evil
Always brings destruction and death
There are no victors, nor beaten ones
Ominous silence embraces the battlefield

The mountain peaks glitter in bloody sun
The fangs of ridge drown in sorrowful mist
Mute witness of total destruction
Forever guard the bodies of the dead

May all the millennia be damned
Corrupted by hateful breath of warriors
The silver dawn will never rise again
May eternal darkness extinguish the last star

Compositor: Mercurius

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