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Fancy Free

Sun Ho

Woke up feeling like a millionaire,
Walking down the street with the wind in my hair,
All the boys stare, say I look so good,
No, I'm not cocky but I knew that they would,

Cause everywhere I go my life is a party,
I don't have a worry, the sun keeps on shining on me,
Look how it's shining on me, (Oh),
You can't tell me nothing, look out cause I'm coming,
The street is my runway and everyone's looking at me,
All of their eyes are on me, (All of their eyes are on me)
And I....

I feel so beautiful, (I'm lovely),
Can't no one tell me no (I'm fancy free),
My life's a circus show (It's lovely),
No matter where I go (I'm fancy free),

Dee, dee, dee, dee,
Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee,
Dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee, dee,
I'm fancy free

Feels just like I'm on a shooting star,
Made my wish to be a super star,
If I'm wrong and dreams don't come true,
I'll just make today what I want to.

Have your say, you can't break my high,
You should join me on my carpet ride,
Let's play, what you say,
Say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

It's so easy,
See that's your problem right there,
You're too cool, (yeah, yeah)
I'm just trying to have fun, stop worrying so much,
And just follow me.

Cause I feel so beautiful,
Can't no one tell me no,
My life's a circus show,
No matter where I go,
I'm fancy free.

Compositor: Kristal Oliver, Chuck Harmony

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