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I'm open for your arms Present in your arms In the company of your arms I surrender to arms connected to all living things Each mindful breath brings me closer Raise my heart and sing Gala Jai Ma Gala Jai Take from me all that is unclean Ma! Ma! I only live If I let you live I only feel If I let you speak through me I'm the heavens you want to touch me I'm the fire in your bellies I am earth you want to dig me I'm your water you need me I am flesh you don't need me but you sink your teeth into me I am earth if you dig me You can't stand your feet without me I'm the heavens no one can see me I am fire you abused meI'm the earth you've scarred for money I'm your mother I made love for you and you just fucked me Mother fucker My love, my blood is clean burning fuel My skin will tremble at your touch I will erupt for you I will get you off me When I skin myself alive I will survive

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