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haunter, give me that target simper
posed as goddess in flame for my taking
enshrined heart from heaven's wake
haunter, last in line on heathens hunt
testimony breaking miles for safe returns
it enables the wait
make or break enormity, your design is black on gold pith
haunter, encourage the alter to revive
chasm to where we revel safety
celestial site we've never gone
make or break enormity my art is feeling fearless
stifle beauty, sleeping giant our kindle for comfort bound
a temple of rain and reign to spill out
haunter, healer struck by heartfelt fix
castaways from the search and summons secure in a composition
make or break, desiring our skill is fixations need
I'm louder than bombs and damaged
she reveals dark sides of the moon
por over to protect our sentiments
baring calm in worlds of callous tyranny of distance calls out the haunter

by emo_kid

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