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Given In To The Taking


first blood on the civic corrosion
they crawl in the sin of children
high hopes come along in the riddle loose
crossroad motion from a stiff at the vine
longhaul learnings to parade in the heat
lessons lean in a click from the turnsite
blinding tone of morals in minors nest
sits the cancer all ready for trimming
curiosity vicious in action
while the crowd screams
on tagious conspired performance
love in the motion
love in the unknown
see it to believe it
smiling killer, swooning stranger
herd, hazard, the heretic
given in to the taking
something wicked in the land of the lost
adaptation from life in the swells
tiny vipers fanged tight to the nerves
blood worms - host shifts the war to the stage
prowling to haze battles in curses
no gods to speak, no answers to tame
show the sorrow disguised in red roses
sent as fault in benevolence
send them everything to end formality
and be aware of who is listening close
given into the talking

by emo_kid

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