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putting filth on the map
for all the changing to reap
challenge the martyrs
who cry wolf in the movements aloud
drain the resource
indelible mark in memoirs of lore
incapacitate-how much more of this annihilation
narrowed, confined, captured, absorbed
cross the evidence to take them out
dodging motive - battle scarred
inconclusive to standing for the truth
dripping from the truth
deadliest out of the watch from the evil eye
there's blood in the water
bait to tame the endless order
in hidden agenda, swaying knowledge
from powers that be
revisit conclusion
custom insulted to hush the critics who curse
from the gallows
beasts in kings, honor among thieves
encounters impaler
splitting arrows in air open season
on the lair
monuments to ruins
malediction scatters wide
worship dynasties weapon romantic dissent
harbor in hell with mercy's guide
grievance has - bitten back - if they stand they die

by emo_kid

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