Come Clean (cifrada)

Hilary Duff

Best Of

Beginning: Em Em C C e|-3-3-2---2--3-3-2---2-|-3-3-2---2--3-3-2---2---] B|-0-0---3----0-0---3---|-0-0---3----0-0---3-----] G|-0-0--------0-0-------|-0-0--------0-0---------] D|-2-2--------2-2-------|-2-2--------2-2---------] A|-2-2--------2-2-------|-3-3--------3-3---------] E|-0-0--------0-0-------|-x-x--------x-x---------] Em C Verse: Lets go back, back to the beginning Em G Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars C Asus4 All aligned Em C Verse: Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect Em G Trying to fit a square into a circle C A Was no life, I defy Em C G D Chorus: Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams Em C G A Let it wash away my sanity, 'cause I Em C G D wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream Em C Let the rain fall down G A I'm coming clean Em C [I'm coming clean, Oh] Em C Verse: I'm shedding, Shedding every color Em G Trying to find a pigment of truth beneath C Asus4 my skin, oh Em C Verse: Cause different doesn't feel so different Em G And going out is better than always C A staying in. Feel the wind [Chorus] Em G C A Bridge: I'm coming clean Em G C A I'm coming clean oh yeah Em C G D Let the rain fall Em C G D C A Let the rain fall I'm coming [Chorus] Em C G A Em C G A Ending: Oh I'm coming clean, Oh I'm coming clean Em C G A Let the rain fall. Let the rain fall Em C G A Let the rain fall. I'm coming clean...[Em C] Em Lets go back C Back to the beginning

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