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    [ VERSE 1: Hi-C ]
    Bullshit, that's the title of this shit
    And when you hear bullshit, you say that shit hit
    Now quit, don't try to fuck with this
    I just drunk some gin, I gotta take a piss
    Mmh... Ahh... what a relief
    All up in a girl I just released my beef
    I keep huffin and puffin until I come
    Yo bitch, give up the pussy and don't play (dumb)
    For your body you know I been cravin
    The last couple of weeks my lunch money I been savin
    To get your ass in a motel
    My dick is steady poundin and you're the scale
    So weigh me, wait, I'm about to strip
    Take off them clothes, so I can rip
    That coochie, I know you wanna give it to me
    But hey hoe, don't try and do me
    I'm cool and patiently I been waitin
    Skanless stuck-up bitches, them's the ones I be hatin
    And when it's time to get a dick-pack
    They always come with that shitty act
    (I'm sorry Hi-C, we can't go out tonight)
    Fuck that shit, y'all make a nigga wanna fight
    So hey what's up, it's gon' be like that?
    I ain't gon' ask you no more, I'm about to jack
    Now take off your clothes and lay down flat
    Cause that big fat pussy I got to crack
    She took off her jeans, body lookin real pretty
    I made a mistake when I asked to see the titties
    She ripped off her bra, didn't have no fear
    That shit was slappin, clappin, flappin like elephant ears
    I said "Damn" they big as fuck
    A little bit too big for Hi-C to suck
    So I thought for a minute without makin a sound
    It'd take at least ten minutes for me to wrestle 'em down
    Threw back on her bra, tied it up in a knot
    Slapped her on the padlock and said, "Now let me see your cock"
    She said, "Ah-a, stop boy, that's enough, I quit"
    Now how would you feel if I just slapped you, bitch?
    I'm hittin harder than a bullet, my rhymes don't quit
    I'm Hi-C, hoe, so stop poppin that bullshit

    (Come on y'all, say it
    Y'all niggaz thought I was sellin out
    Say it
    Keep slingin that funky shit
    How we do

    [ VERSE 2: Hi-C ]
    The bullshti I write is the ultimate
    Not the counterfeit, but the legit shit
    Now trip, I'm the writer of this script
    It'll make ya hop because it's so damn hip
    Bullshit is like a thief, it'll run from your ass
    It's sort of like diarrhea, just splishedy-splash
    Bullshit is bad, it'll rough you up
    Like a bitch with the drips it'll fuck you up
    But then again it's tasty like beef
    Like a bitch suckin your dick without no teeth
    Feel good, now don't you want that feelin?
    Big bullshit, that's the stuff that I'm dealin
    When I'm bullshittin, here's what I do
    Roll up a fat joint, grab a 40 or two
    Crack open a bottle and get to down that shit
    I turn on the TV, watch some nasty flicks
    Now when you bullshit you're not similar to Crawf
    You're locked up in the bathroom jackin off
    With a goddamn nasty book inside your hand
    That bullshit is for the average man
    The men I know, hey, they like to fuck
    Like to lick on some titties or get they dick sucked
    That type of shit goes on in life
    Where you bust a couple fo kids go get you a wife
    I'm the hip-hop hazard Hi-C
    And I will never quit, that's just the itsy-bit
    Of the bullshit

    You know how I'm doin it
    Y'all niggaz can't fade this
    Steady rollin with the punches
    You know what I'm sayin?

    (Oh Hi-C, oh, your music be bumpin, boy
    You got it going on
    I know you're makin money now
    With your cute self
    Ahm, just let me know what you want me to do for you?)

    [ VERSE 3: Hi-C ]
    I want you to fuck me and suck me and never stop lickin
    (Ah-a, I ain't finna do all that) Nah, I'm just bullshittin
    Cause deep down I really love ya
    Hey girl, I ain't lyin, I put that on ( ? )
    Now what I say might sound like drag
    But I hope this bullshit don't make you mad
    I know I promised you some money for you to fix your nails
    But it always seem like we goin to the motel
    But hey baby, I can handle this
    All my homeboys say I'm so muthafuckin skanless
    That it's a goddamn shame
    And young girls shouldn't be allowed to mention my name
    So what, I don't care, I don't give a fuck
    Cause when it comes to pussy I just line 'em up
    I fuck one, then I say who's next
    Hi-C get mo' pussy than a goddamn Kotex
    A Rough Rider when I'm fuckin a hoe
    I drop my dick like Macho Man dropped the elbow
    There's no age limit that I fuck
    But I prefer you to be 13 on up
    I been servin bullshit, now have you got your share?
    Quik, tell me was it funky? (Aw, fuck yeah)

    And we just bullshittin
    Y'all niggaz know
    Cause I'm takin over
    Tony-A in the house
    We doin it
    And the beat goes on
    That old gangster shit
    All the niggaz in my neighborhood
    Y'all niggaz stay up
    I ain't forgot about y'all
    Yeah, all the homies
    We gon' flow on
    Born in Louisiana, nigga, raised in Compton
    Y'all know what's up

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