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Remnants Of a Failed Creation

Hell Within

I'm fading and there's no time to react
The remnants of a failed creation
We are the slain, trapped in a world that dies

Clench your fist protrude blue rivers
Just stab a vein, forget the pain
Lose yourself into a path of exile

I cannot be tamed
I cannot be caged

Grind your pills a savior of dust
A glass eyed stare, won't harbor fear
Calm your demons and escape reality for a moment's time

I cannot be tamed
I cannot be caged

Slave to injection
I cannot be
Push the venom in
I cannot be saved

Believe nothing more
Wasted breathe of man

The angel's work is done
A restless tide is near
I watch the whole world die
As I twist this knife

I defeat the weak (on my own)
I destroy the strong (it's my turn)
Now bow down to me (surrender)
And you will fear what I've become

Count your tracks a putrid skin trail
The fact remains you'll never change
Binge your life away on broken mirrors
Cutting all that white sand

By: VoXXeR

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