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Open Eyes To Open Wounds

Hell Within

10. Open Eyes To Open Wounds

Open my scars
Open my eyes

The sick
The hollow
Fall further

I burn these tracks that I've laid
Dried out for days
I stare into the sun
I'm trapped within these four walls
Pacing I step
Fear what I've become.

Where were you when I was dying?
None are we innocent
Blinded and malevolent
You choked my breath
I was gasping
God save the motherless
Absolve the sickness through death

From the dark womb
To the cradle
In a mortal
Of the needle
We are the motherless
Ride the spiral
Chase the dragon
Endless miles

I die a little more each day
This forced separation
Suspended animation
My life to death transition

I bit from the poisoned apple

You left me here to die
(a shroud of sorrow)
(bit through the marrow)

So here we are
Here we'll stay until we die or fall apart
The horror covers me again.

All my dreams are dust
The future seen through grey eyes
Foreboding taste of death
My life, a sad facade.
All resistance weak
Just push the poison in
Damage irreparable
I'll never get out whole
The lie I bought proved my mortality
The hell is never ending
This is the death of me.

Open my eyes.


*** By NiCk ***

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