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Bleeding Me Black

Hell Within

2. Bleeding Me Black

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

The innocence bled from loveless malice
Infidelity has brought us full circle
I could dress myself in your skin
You narcissistic whore
I'd rather walk away from this
Than wear the scorn of many.

She sang
She sang to me softly
The copper taste of roses bless my hands

I'm not healing
I'm just living with your ghost
My life, my will
Eternal death

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

One last regret of a life so hollow
Burnt to embers
The maniacal spark
Fuel the catalyst
Bringing death to life
My conscience dead forever



I left my heart
Open for you to tear away
The drawbridge closing
No more can I keep the wolves at bay
We're fused as one in death as life returns to ashes
I'm drowning in the wake as futile reason crashes

Alone I drown in tears of drying blood
As we speak the crimes between us reap our lives
They rape us of our souls

Breathe in
The scent of fruitless bloodlust

I will hate you forever


*** By NiCk ***

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