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You Drove Me To It

Hell Is For Heroes

somebody better give me a sting
somebody better make me bleed
fill this vacancy underneath my skin
cos i'm fighting with a thorn in my side
i never meant to fall this far
i have grown the soul of an enemy
but i hold and element of surprise
god knows its gonna make you smile

breathe in immortality
i'm falling down one thousand feet

so lets gather with the gods tonight
and play truant for the final time
i've been strung from hell, give me birth again
cos i never meant to climb this far
my guts are gonna drop like flies

breatheing in immortality
i'm falling down one thousand feet
and oh my god one hundred floors
flash faster than my eyes can meet

give me something sacred
so deep
so high
so long
so far
so good
so much pressure building

they won't break me
they won't ground me

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