Hell Is For Heroes

Sick Happy

Hell Is For Heroes

i tried to drown in your flame
somehow i let the fire escape
and i can only blame myself
a rubber soul is hard to sell

you pull me in and push me out
you tie me up and tie me down
you give me space, i’m locked in chains
i want your fire, i need your faith

you always knew just what to say
never misspoke a single word
i pleaded guilty once again
so hand me down

my sentence now, i am condemned
the victim and the criminal
i’m on knees in silent prayer
for one last touch my twisted valentine

when every second lasts a thousand years
and every shot glass holds a million tears
and every race ends in a brand new start
there’s no soul left but you can take some heart

(with my hands up) i'll give myself up for you

so take me down, my time has come up

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