Heaven 17
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Heaven 17

Underneath the bridge

The glowing streets
Light up the heavy sky
Out of nowhere
I return to you
Even as we meet
This curious girl
Fell back to sleep
This time for keeps
But I won't surrender

Find some way
I think she's going to pay

On that day I knew
(Cold heart, flamedown)

It was me and you
Burn out, flamedown)

Under burning sky
Look up, flamedown)

You shall carry me

Along the streets
Awake and paralysed

Take the slow lane
We'll enjoy the view

As we move along

The girl will sing

This curious song
And she won't speak
But she will remember

What's ahead
And what is left unsaid

Caught up in the heat
Burn out, flamedown)
Out on judgement street
(Watch out, flamedown)

I see no way out
(Hold out, flamedown)
I can hear you shout
(Move out, flamedown)

Chorus 3:
Hold on don't give in
Stay out, flamedown)

To the flame within
(Burn out, flamedown)

Want you to agree
(No doubt, flamedown)
When you talk to me

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