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Slave To a Heart That Strays


Manifest yourself in my destiny
and make your insecurities my insecurities
To conquer me is to divide us just try to
withstand my threshold of
to withstand my threshold of pain

What have you gained?
All that I have lost.
Where do you reside?
A place I once called home.
Who do you love?
Yourself and no one else.
What will make you satisfied?
Only God knows.

You’re a slave to a heart that strays.
Where you wander, all must run.
Do your people even know they’re diseased?
Killing us off one by one, ten by ten…
And we don’t know where else to hide.

How are we supposed to fight when the fire
of our enemies knows no boundaries?
And even if we had the means,
we don’t have the strength.
But when you take aim,
just remember my threshold of pain.

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