Unrecognizable. your face twisted with the force of the strike.
You finally turned on me,
protector. They say once you taste blood, you can't get enough.
Well, my eyes hurt so
fucking bad they might as well be bleeding.

What did I do to bring that kind of lust? Fill me
with love and string me up. Tear my flesh and dent my lungs.
Break me apart, I'm so mush more fun.
Don't forget to stuff your pockets
with a fistful of my guts before you leave, kid.

Job well done. I'm fucking crushed.
Did you forget about the fact that you destroyed me?
You don't seem to care.
You just smile and laugh and play your games.
No discipline for cruel
words you say.

My jaw hit the floor in shock on the very first swing, and in disbelief, I'm
still reeling. Take you anger out on me, sweetheart.
Take pride in the strength that you've
displayed bashing my fucking face in.
Laughing at the pain.
Dancing in the rain of my insides. I hope your teeth rot.

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