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Our Last Hope


And I swear it’s my last hope
But it’s everything I’ve been looking for
And I will sit here and become enveloped in
The sound that makes up my existence
Cuz’ nothing can hurt me now.

Believe me when I tell you
That I’ve felt things I wouldn’t ever want to feel
And I’ve seen things that seem unreal
But there’s always been something here
That helps me breath when I’ve been gasping for air
And the past few years have been more than I can take
But I believe that I’ve been saved
Not by a God or some twist of fate
But by the songs that we create
And the sounds that forever will run through our veins
And nothing can hurt me now

So you and I have been through a lot of shit
But we’ll survive as long as we have this,
These guitars in our hands and these songs in our heads
And we will sit here and confront all our fears
Through the songs we’ve been meant to sing for years
And nothing can hurt us now

I know things change within a heartbeat
But it feels so good to know where you are is where you should be.
So here’s to hoping that it stays this way,
And here’s to knowing that we’ve finally found our place.

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