No Way Out


Dead end roads consume us.
Everything will fall apart in time.
An inevitable halt to our goals and ambitions
in the wake of realization
is the only resolution
to headstrong determination.

So let's throw it all away,
everything that gave us hope
of a life filled with nothing more
than a song and friends and the open road.
So let's forget the past,
every word that once convinced
you and I we were onto something special
and could make it last.

There's no way out this time,
no prayer or hope that you and I
can scream from the top of out lungs,
"Please fill this void inside..."
There's no way out this time,
life came and ripped the stars from our eyes.
So let's bow down in the presence of this new found revelation.

Dead end roads consume us,
we're all spiraling to our own demise.
Every journey has a fearful end
so we might as well embrace it.
So let's take our hearts
and kick them to the fucking curb.
As we get older they serve no purpose
but to lead us in nostalgic circles.
So let's all face the fact:
in reality we'll all trapped
in this cruel design that some call life
that we have yet to live.

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