As I sail above the heavens, 10,000 miles high,
I can't help but look out onto the vast empty sky and wonder,
"The ones I hold within an inch of my heart are ages away,
below the white layers of earth that rise from the sea."

But as it all gets smaller I swear
it becomes so clear that I've been blessed for 21 years,
to be raised from your hands and guided through my fears.
One by one, you were always there for me.

Even when I was miles from home, you were right there with me
through the good and bad and everything in between.
But I have to believe that this won't change,
even if you've ascended on a world light-years away.

So please just hang on, I know you are
as strong as they come. I'll keep on believing
that you are invincible, like I did when I was young.
And if it's the only thing to keep me from breaking down,

Then I'll have to trust it no matter how crazy it sounds,
because I just can't imagine life without you around.

And I don't know, what exits after death,
but I refuse to accept that this is it,
because you and me just cant be finished.

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