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Who You Gonna Love?


* Do you believe in miracles?
My heart is filled with tenderness
Whenever I'm so close to you
I hear you calling my name
YOU & ME's a secret
I wanna hold your hand & be with you
Let me capture my love to you

Who you gonna love? Who you gonna love?

You and me were like 2 peas in a pod
I stick, you glue, with one look, fool you
It's all games I know but I never know
What to say when you play too good
To be true I miss the things that you do
Whachu do & now you do
But you're gone and I know you
Actin' like it's all good with somebody new

You gotta stand up what you believe in
Shout out the love and true feeling
Watch out! It's gonna be a winding road
Lights out! Fight that! Be my baby boy
My pain & my struggle essence to the puzzle
Just the 2 of us, we be LOVIN' LOVIN'
My love for you will always be REAL
Gonna keep this LOVE 4 REAL
Keep this LOVE 4 REAL

* repeat
Together in the future
Let's make the perfect harmony
Just reach out for the stars tonight
Hold on to your dreams and fly a fantasy
I sing this song to you

From Spring to Summer we said Hello
Then Autumn came and you went away
It's time for Jack frost I miss you so baby stay
Snow drops falling down on
My hand as you walk and
It just melts away my sorrow as
I want you more
Sometimes I get shu and also lonely
I wanna know how you feel tonight
Baby I will always be your lover
There's no one in this world just like you baby

We'll always be a miracle
When the night falls down with snowflakes
I see the crystal raindrops
Oh every time you hold me
Baby you're amazing
I love you each day when I think of you
I will always be by your side
So close your eyes and fly with me
Don't be afraid come hold me tight
Snow crystal shining in the sky
You make me feel like heaven in my heart
I need to be with you

Once again I pray again You and me baby can we start again?
I close my eyes I feel your touch I feel your hand just holding mine
Winter snow melts away every time when you're here near me by my side
My love is the gift I give to you
Cause baby my heart is yours

I wanna be your miracle
You always take my breath away
I know each time my heart beats
Whenever we're together
We will be forever
You're the one thing I want in the world
We can try just the 2 of us
So won't you be my boyfriend
I wanna see you smile with me everyday
You'll always be my boyfriend
I can't imagine my life without you here
I hope you feel the same

Who you gonna love? Who you gonna love?

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