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The Chronicle Of The Black Sword


Now begins the tale of Elric
proud prince of ruins
who bore The Black Sword...
Here is the Chronicle of that albino lord
Who came to be called The White Wolf
Who was called The Kinslayer
Who was called Womanslayer
Who was doomed to be torn
between Chaos and Law
Who was born to be the pawn
of the Cosmic Balance
Who was at once, more his own master
than any who had lived before
And was at the same time slave
to bloodshed, cruelty, and war
Listen, listen now....
Listen to the tale of how
the White Wolf came by his Weird
Listen to how Elric earned
The Bane of The Black Sword
Elric of Melnibone
The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
Who battled to bring about the End Of Time
Who bore the sentient sword Stormbringer
And who killed the only two mortal women he ever loved
This is his sad, his terrible
Aye, and his heroic Saga
The Saga men call
The Chronicle of The Black Sword.....

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