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Dead Gods Homecoming


You raise your eyes to the howling sky
Raise your sword to the haunted Moon
You raise your voice in a battle cry
And you raise your shield
You raise your shield
Against unholy doom
For they shan't possess your will's control
Shall not enslave your mortal soul
And won't divert you from your goal
Though dark war rules from pole to pole
You are the Lord of Ruins
Albino Prince of Ruins
And your sins shall save the world
Beyond the ocean brews a battle
Beyond the battle blood shall fall
If Elric's kinsman ventures with him
(Bearing a twin of that which he bears)
To a place where man-forsaken
Dwells the one who should not live
There's a bargain to be entered....
Elric's wife shall be restored
Elric's wife shall be restored

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