Hey Girl

Donny Hathaway

Hey girl
I've been watching you
the rapid beat of my heart
means I'm falling in love with you

why did you smile at me
make me feel this way
hey, girl
there's something I'd like to say

girl, you're the stars in the sky that shine just for me
girl, you're the sun and the moon and the deep blue sea
cool breezes blow, open your heart and let me know
got to know how you really feel
got to know if your love is for real
baby buggies and spinning wheels
we're together now, oh what a thrill
flowers that bloom and birds that sing
come on baby, let's do our thing, yeah

softly I tell you that I love you
and it's your man I truly want to be
hey, make up your mind
girl we ain't got much time
hey girl
we ain't got a lot of time

don't you know we ain't got much time

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