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Lay Me Down


I'll never walk away from this
Or pull you closely to my chest.
With a father's breaking heart,
I'll walk you one last time into the dark

There are no reasons to explain
A silent killer bears no blame.
There are no answers though i pray
I die, though this is not my grave
And i lay you down, lay you down

I'll carry you child
to a place where you can rest
sweet tears they're slippin to the limits
as i push you down the bed
It tears me into pieces watching you
fight to fill your lungs with breath.
There's no need to struggle,
there's no need to struggle
I'll lay you down, lay you down
Don't you cry no more

I'll lay me down, lay me down

Well i'm not ready, I'm not ready for this
Well i'm not ready, i'm not ready for this

There are no branches from this soil
My broken spirit steals my voice
I have no secrets to my name
Only the shadows hide my shame
And so i lift you upon my shoulder
Inside a splinter wooden chest
To have along we line the streets
my only hope that you'll finally rest

I'm not ready for this.

I lay you down,lay you down.
Don't you cry no more
I lay me down, lay me down

I'd gladly lay me down, lay me down.

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