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Give A Little


Shout It Out

She walked in with her painted lips
And did she tease you with her flirty quips
Did she leave u frozen with the wrong words chosen
You got to show her why she can't resist
Make her blush
Put your hands on her hips
She's gunna keep on playin until you stop chasin

So wrap your arms around her body
Tell her all she needs to knows
Give a little heart and soul
Let your body lose control
Give a little Oh oh oh
Just give a little

Come on now
Just wrap your arms around...
And give it (her) all
You've got to show her when she can't decide
You got to hold her with that look in your eyes
When u move in close take your time
Leave an empty shoulder
Let move in closer


You know she really loves to keep you in suspense

But knows she just wants to dance...

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