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Don't Let Me Down


Red Green Blue

Don't fight the feeling
It's happening
Steady your hand
And settle in your seat

The fear that you might fail
Is like venom in your blood
Any moment you might freeze
But the voices in your head, scream

Don't let me down
Your moment is now

Right on the verge of the rest of your life
All you can hear is the sound
Of everything that you've been through that's led you to now

They can't take you down
Your moment is now

Walk through the door
And take your place
No time for question
Cause now you're in the gamĐ”

You can't let the world consume you
Spit you out and tДar you up
Ain't no devil on your shoulder
Just a voice and it won't stop saying

Don't let me down
Your moment is now

It's not a question of whether you're ready
Only of what you'll allow
Everything in your life it has brought you to now

Your moment is now
They can't take you down

Feel it coursing through your veins
And you beat it like a drum
No one can stop you until you decide that you're done
Your moment is now
And you won't let me down
They can't push you around
And you won't let me down
You know
You won't let me down

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