From the misery of my life
I'm still trying to survive
Even with the fear here inside
And the pain that I bring all the time

My life is full of dead people
That in my dreams I try to find
Because I can't stand the fact
They are not by my side

Like a child lost in the darkness
I try to find the light
In the edge of my agony
I'm just an old man blind

I can't see the sun
Keep my eyes wide open
I can't touch the ground
Just fly over the ocean

I can't hear the sound

There's a blackhole sun in my head
Pulling me to inside of myself
I'm stuck inside my own trap
Trying all the time don't be a scrap

I put my head outside the water
But I'm still drowning myself
Paying for my own mistakes
I try to scape of this hell

Compositor: Daniel Costa/Tuca Araújo

Letra enviada por Arthur Amaro

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