For The Axe

Hammers Of Misfortune

I have come to collect on a bargain
Now you must make good on your promise
For the Ax, the source of your power
An oath you swore in that black abyss
Build a great road to the forest
Use the ax to strike the first tree
Wide and straight into the village
Only then will you appease me

Now I understand all of your treachery
How could this be.. This evil destiny?

How could you ask this of me?
(You swore)

My sacred forest home
(To me)

The only thing in this life
(Do this)

That I can call my own
(For me)

Cursed is the day I met you
(I lied)

Cursed is this wretched throne
(To you)

I'll Take this life you ask me
(What can)

And then I'll take my own
(You do?)

It is done

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