Doomed Parade

Hammers Of Misfortune

So soon the moon will come unfold her robe of constellations
And for a time the night was mine in endless fascination
But now she brings me only shadows and a host of memories
Marching on
Like a ghostly brigade
Marching on - Doomed parade

But now she's gone away (She was here)
Forever, I'm afraid (She was real)
No longer shall the night, from the sun
Provide its blessed shade

I saw her with my eyes (She was real)
I touched her with my hands (She was here)
Right here in this room it was She whispered in my ear
Lost forever... to hell.

Here is a wound, To go with your uniform
Here is a message, you'll never forget
Back in your tomb, reaping your true reward
The path you have chosen, you'll learn to regret

"Sleep, angel sleep.
Be not a ghost trapped in the light
Be as the day, and pass away
Into the night."

The night moves like a glacier, slow and cold
Yet rage takes over as I see the plan unfold
So that's your game, to take away the only friend I?ve ever made
In this place
How we laughed
At the ghostly brigade
Marching on - Doomed parade

I must say I'm impressed
Such cruelty in a jest
The depth of your malevolence, the fools would never guess

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