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Can't Help Me


I Used to Know Her: Part 2

Sorry that I've been livin' in my head
Holdin' onto words I ain't said yet
I'm bitter, sorry, I just can see
You're with someone that isn't me

You should know I've been tryna find my peace
I know it's difficult being with me
But I just wanna love you this way
And you just make it so hard for me

But you can't help me
You can't help me

Sorry that I've been yellin' at your face
I know you hate when I speak to you this way
I lost my patience, losing control
Turned into someone I don't know

Know I got my shit and you got yours too
And all my problems I tried to put on you
I'm singin' 'cause I'm done screamin' out
I can't blame you for all my doubts

You can't help me
You can't help me
You can't help me
Can't help me
Can't help me

Can't help me
You can't help me

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