Guy Sebastian


Guy Sebastian

Like It Like That

Lately ive discovered mystical powers
Strange abilities that boggle my mind
And its you, the secret lies with you
And I'm powerless without cha

Funny you should mention coz I felt the same things
Ever since the day you walked in my life
Like an illusion my worries disappear
Right before my eyes

Coz I got a feelin that you got a feelin
Don't try explainin it
all I can say is its magic
were makin magic
And don't you believe it

It's an awakening, nobodies fakin it
It's a secret and nobodies takin it
Its magic, were makin magic and you better believe it

Im a little bosser ill tell you the future
Coz I know how it pans out if you stick around
See before you were here the picture wasnt clear, but now I see forever

You must be a ventriloquist
coz you know what I say
before it leaves my lips, yeah
Guess what I'm thinking right now
I love you I love you I love you baby


This love is death defying
its like I can levitate into the sky
But I promise I will never do a disappearing act coz

[Chorus x2]

Abracadabra alakazam
Baby you got me spinning [x4]

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