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Cover On My Heart

Guy Sebastian

Twenty Ten

Everyday feels all the same
9 to 5 gets so mundane
But something breaks with just one glimpse of you
I would stare so long a while
Trying to tell you with my eyes
I didnt say a thing, i thought, you knew
I wish i never did assume

Cos i was gonna tell you today
I even wrote the words i would say
I finally found the courage
But now its too far
It took me all this time to reveal
What everything about you does to me
Tell me why did i keep a cover on my heart

Spent all night trying to explore just
How to tell you i adore you
And how im moved by every word you say
But today theres an empty space
I find you gone without a trace
I wish i could have told you yesterday
Maybe then you would have stayed

It feels like my point of existence
Has vanised with you in the distane
What ever it takes ill persist
To see your face again

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