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She Ain't Goin' Nowhere

Guy Clark

Standing on the goneside of leaving
She found her thumb and stuck it in the breeze
She'll take anything that's going close to somewhere
She can lay it down and live it like she please

But she ain't going nowhere she's just leavinng
She ain't going nowhere she can't breathe in
She ain't going home and that's for sure

She's not sittin' down and crying on her suitcase
She has no second thoughts by the road
But she's got feelings that need some repairing
And she did not give a damn that it showed
But she ain't going nowhere...
[ steel - piano ]
The wind had its way with her hair and the blues had their way with her smile
And she had a way of her own like prisoners have a way with a file
But she ain't going nowhere...
She ain't going nowhere...
And she ain't going home and that's for sure

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