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Rita Ballou

Guy Clark

She could dance that slow Uvalde shuffle to some cowboy hustle
How she made them trophy buckles shine shine shine
Wild eyed and Mexican silvered trickin' dumb ol' cousin Willard
Into thinkin' that he's got her this time

Hill country honky tonkin' Rita Ballou
Every beer joint in town has played a fool for you
Backslidin' barrel ridin' Rita Ballou
Ain't a cowboy in Texas would not ride a bull for you

She's a rawhide rope and velvet mixture walkin' talkin' Texas texture
High-timin' barroom fixture kind of a girl
She's the queen of the cowboys look at old Willard grinning now boys
You'd of thought there's less fools in this world
Hill country honky tonkin' Rita Ballou...
[ guitar ]
So good luck Willard and here's to ya
And here's to Rita and I hope she'll do ya right all night
Lord I wish I was the fool in your shoes
Hill country honky tonkin' Rita Ballou...
Hill country honky tonkin' Rita Ballou...

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