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Guy Clark

Now who wouldn't notice the fire in your eyes
Or the bitter direction of impending goodbyes
I'm fallen I'm folded oh I'm wilted in place
At the sight of your standing with streaks down your face

Heartbroke and running from the reason
Got your heartbroke don't give up on believin' in me
Heartbroke who kept me from leavin' with my heartbroke

Well pride when you're rich is a bore when you're lonely
Sheermadness prevails up on reason to yield
But all is not lost it's only mistaken
That's small consolation but I know just how you feel
You got your heartbroke...
[ steel ]
Now nobody said it was goin' to be easy
We all have feelings that need softer touches
But nobody said that it would not be worth it
The human condition continues as such
You got your heartbroke...
[ steel ]

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