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(Guy Clark)
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Crystelle you temptress you creature of back booths
So accomplished of dancin' when walkin' would do
There's a neon fire in your eyes reflecting off a rhinestone tear
Fixed upon your cheek to see who cares
And that's way too much for a country boy who stares

Now life is just a private joke she said it like that was the punchline
Me I fell in love now wouldn't you
There's a fine madness in the air it comes and goes like honeysuckle
Sent to set you free from what to do oh me I fell in love now wouldn't you

Oh that Crystelle she's barely a woman
Oh that Crystelle she's hardly a child
Oh that Crystelle I know she saw me coming
But doesn't Crystelle have a beautiful smile
[ guitar - steel ]
She's the reason to be reckless she's the right to rock and roll
She's exactly what they meant when they told you not to go
Her breath's as sweet as chewing gum and her heart's as gold as kingdom come
She's heaven sent and hell bent to run oh me I fell in love now wouldn't you
Oh that Crystelle...
Oh that Crystelle...
Now me I fell in love now wouldn't you

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