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Unmoral Behaving With A Headless Child


Happiness - this we live in
Emptiness - without your presence
We need - your whole body
This part of your life will make you happy
What kind of sexuality makes you
It depends how crazy you are
It is not easy to separate
My wife ask me - to do
To do something special
She said - she needs more
Than her own husband
She wanted the 3rd person
To be a younger male one
Our neighborhood was found
A thirteen old virgin boy was found
And locked up in our bedroom for several days
He could not believe what happen to himself
Once my wife could no take it any longer
Let's real sexuality begins
She screamed loudly
He was hungry, tired and bound
She put something into his mouth
No one could not hear his scream
I followed them to our basement
Final destination of my wife dreams
Bonesaw in hear hand
Everything is perfect
For unique sexuality
His head lying on the ground
I was just standing there and starring at her
She was very excited a dream will come true soon
She thought a lot about it later
So I tried to do my best as a real good partner
I saw she enjoyed it
I got closer and waiting besides her
Fuck me - she screamed loudly
I grabbed my wife and fucked her hardly
It was not enough to her - please fuck his head for me
Oral sex with his severed dead head made her totally satisfied
Mankind tumed into something
Some kind of destroyer of all human emotions
Unmoral behaving with a headless child

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