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The Dark Comes Out


Sacred infernal will
Carries since time immemorial
Fallen from the line of infinity
Altering material mass
From the hive of endless ways
Strined like an encoded cliche
Turns to the pressure of instinct
To the last wicked judgment inside
Hidden from the light into the vacuum of faith
Switch the threads of consciousness
Your confusion is a projection through false lenses
Oh the mirror of recognition
Here is the certainty of damnation
Kills the day of the beginning
Fed oh childish belief
Thirsts for poisoned knowledge
The ruin is measured in drops
Steals the strength of the spirit
And the ruling energy
Abuses the dimensions of existence
The cells of torment carried into existence
From the walls of the everlasting
Running ruddy pain
Bums out guts
Snaring troops tremble
To the last station
Feelers of sin brutally
Choking with the storm of fire
We have no rest anymore
The power of freedom is far away
Without any precision this passion
Bears constant desire
Stifling vomit of bursting
To the infernal passages of the universe
Grasps deafening storms
Screaming daemons fallen into pieces
The energy is weeping streams of blood
Wasting the time
The state is drawing
Euphoria is raised to the white heat
Dark comes out of the mother's womb
Pure chaos shows beautiful things

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