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Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions


Was the best day of my life
When I saw her
My happiness my suffering
Never could she understand
Why I want her with so much and feeling
I wanna draw near to the girl
But I'm chained in my bed
Can't move can't move
My backbone is rotten
I'm just fucking motionless
Mass of flash and bone
Who wants to milk off one day
I saw her approaching in the morning
Felt the heat taking over me
She swamped me with all her emotions
And took a knife out
No-one has never felt this way
I said please don't 'cause I love you
But she didn't stop and engraved a symbol on my face
She started sucking my flowing blood on my neck
With burning tongue like fire
And fear has overrun my body
I'm afraid, pain will destroy me
And now I fell the knife
Sliding across my skin
Her tongue is buried in the long deep scar
I fell clicking along meand it hurts
But the sexual pleasure gets down below
My penis is overrun with a feeling felt long ago
Through her mouth I felt I was alive
Covered my body like a thousand-year-old poison
She bites me, it hurts again
I look into her eyes and my penis is not mine
I'm lying here and pain is what I feel
But when the sun goes down

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