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Nine Men, A Women And The Poor Little Guy


Come in, my little friend -don't shy
It's high time to meet your destiny
My place is full of interesting things
You'll be impressed than never before
Feel yourself homelike - don't be afraid
Your body won't be untouched
These men adore your maidenly body
And this night you'll get everything that your body needs
When I say everything | mean EVERYTHING!
Now you're a part of a sexual revelation
And will become a well - known boy everywhere
Let's kiss my friends' penis - tasty isn't?
Look into this camera and smiling
It will turn into crying, in any case
Don't disagree with the facts
You can't realize: this is right
Now the tight anus is penetrated
Showy through my video camera
Let me see your violated, depraved body
I can't wait to see the finished stuff, I've recorded
An unconscious state rules your body now
But my friends can't be stopped
Your unmoved body makes them higher
Utilization of a young, virgin soul
It can't be rest until its last breath
- splash some water unto his face!
Slowly awakening, awful realization
-how long will it take?
Few minutes and the body will give up
Black eye-balls, deadly silence
Nine men and the woman
Standing above him
They knew, they could do it
A young body paid for their fucked up minds!

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